Ok, never done one of these before so be gentle. I think this blog will become my musings on the work I do and the people I meet. It’s interesting to be in this position where I have a job I really love but I’m also managing to do something I’ve always wanted which is own my own business.

As a kid I wanted a newsagents, I was lucky to work when I was 14 for this cynical old git called Ron (who unfortunately passed away last year) at VillageĀ  News in Huntington. Loved everything about it, selling; stocking up but mainly chatting to people. I even used a stock rotation proposal for my Business Studies GCSE (and I got my highest grade in that subject… so go figure!) When I had the opportunity for 2weeks for work experience I plumped for another Newsagents this time called Hazels and based in Brook Street in Chester… now here was a formidable lady, if I remember she took one day off a week and did all the paper round setup at 5am… it makes me feel knackered just thinking about it!

I think for now that will do…